Dream. Smaller.

Chat With Clientèle

In need of customised artwork? After viewing my work samples and commissioned pieces shown here potential clients are asked to submit a brief project description. Click on 'Request A Quote' in the header to get started.

Draft Day

After terms are agreed and initial payment has been processed, clients will receive a first draft of their artwork. At this time clients can choose to have their payment refunded, go home happy with their round one K.O. or proceed on to a second draft.

Tweaks & Shifts

For clients that opt to to go the second draft route, this part of the process involves either changes minor or major to insure you, the paying customer, are happy with your final design.

Final Product

The final draft is approved, the final payment is processed and our heroes ride off into the sunset. That's all there is to it. Contact me today and dare to dream. Smaller.